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FGT - Bridge Type Milling Machine

FGT - Bridge Type Milling Machine - Machine image

FGT is a table-type bridge mill, adjustable according to the dimensions of the workpiece. Although it doesn’t have a transverse crossbeam, it has ram travel up to 61 in / 1 550 mm. This table-type concept provides greater precision when machining plane surfaces compared to a gantry. The machine is built with linear guideways, with the axes driven by ball screws powered by motors via planetary gearboxes. The cross section of the headstock, which moves on linear guideways, ensuring extremely high rigidity. The spindle drive is inside the ram, which facilitates a more compact headstock. 

The machine can be equipped with a 5-axis milling head, either permanently mounted or interchangeable. Other accessories and milling heads available.

Spindle Taper
SK 50 (ISO50) / BT50 / CAT50 / BIG+
Spindle Speed (max.)rpm3 000
Max. Power Heidenhain or SIEMENS CNC (S1/S6)hp56 / 84; 72 / 106
kW41 / 61,5; 53 / 77,9
Max. Torque Heidenhain or SIEMENS CNC (S1/S6)Nm1 230 / 1 846; 1 591 / 2 338
X-axis Travel of Tablein205
mm5 200
Y-axis Horizontal Travel of Headstockin154
mm3 900
Z-axis Vertical Travel of Ramin61
mm1 550
Rapid Feed X, Yin/min472, 472
mm/min12 000, 12 000 
Rapid Feed Zin/min472
mm/min12 000


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