Spindels and Drawbars

New Spindles, Spindle rebuilds drawbar rebuilds and OTT Jakob drawbar services.

New Spindel Manufacturing

Lucas has the extensive knowledge required to manufacture new spindle bars for existing machines through our reverse engineering process, or we can work directly from your engineering drawings. We specialize in large spindle bars typically 5, 6 and 7-inch in diameter.

As an upgrade to most new spindles we recommend a replaceable taper socket that can extend the life and accuracy of a new spindle for many years. We have a large amount of pre-engineered taper sockets, or we can design a custom socket with the necessary taper for your machine.

New Spindel Manufacturing  New Spindel Manufacturing 2


Spindle and Sleeve Restoration

Our capabilities allow you to utilize “good iron” that may only need some TLC.Spindle and Sleeve Restoration

Lucas has the expertise to accurately restore your spindle and sleeve to meet or exceed our own OEM specifications. Lucas Precision manufactures replaceable spindle taper sockets for any manufacturer’s large spindle bar. This restoration program salvages this expensive unit of your machine tool and simplifies future maintenance requirements. You can count on the professionals at Lucas Precision to restore the close tolerances to any large spindle bar and sleeve.

Exclusive Lucas 6-Point Restoration Program:

  1. Regrinding spindle OD and taper
  2. Replace sleeve bushings and bearings
  3. Regrinding of sleeve bushings to fit OD of spindle
  4. Chroming and regrinding all bearing diameters on OD of sleeve
  5. Refit spindle in sleeve
  6. Fit spindle key


Lucas Precision also offers in-place spindle taper grinding as part of our field service program. Our expert service technicians bring the equipment directly to your facility to help you reduce costs while saving time and labor.

spindle taper grinding

We have modified spindles in various and unusual ways to accommodate rebuilt or remanufactured machines.


Drawbar Rebuilding

There may be a time when your machine will require a Power Tool Ejection system rebuild. We strongly recommend that this not be attempted in-house. We regularly rebuild these systems and follow the outline below.

Spindle and PTE MechanismPower Tool Ejection system rebuild

  • Dismantle the P.T.E. completely and inspect for defective material.
  • Disposition all parts.
  • Repair all authorized materials.
  • Install and fit new materials as authorized to the spindle.
  • Assemble and test the PTE mechanism for correct tool retention and release.
  • Calibrate the new PTE setting gauge.
  • Prepare and ship.

As part of the rebuild process it is very common for Lucas to suggest that we regrind the spindle taper or install a replaceable taper socket to achieve the necessary bearing contact for proper tool retention. Better tool bearing also creates more stability and accuracy while cutting.

OTT Drawbar

We have designed and manufactured many spindles engineered to accommodate OTT Jakob drawbars. We have an exclusive program for new or remanufactured spindles that not only can accommodate OTT drawbars, but also are capable of utilizing replaceable taper sockets.

Let Lucas do the complete design, manufacture and assembly of your spindle and drawbar.