Fermat is a producer of high-precision, fully CNC controlled cylindrical grinders that have been designed primarily for numerically controlled grinding on a number of external, cylindrical surfaces of different diameters. Features include automatic wheel dressing and wear compensation by means of the CNC system. Grinding machines can also be equipped with an internal grinding attachment for the grinding of cylindrical and conical internal surfaces. We produce cylindrical grinders with high accuracy in the tolerance of IT4 and higher.

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BHC/R 63/85/100 CNC


BHC/R 63/85/100 CNC - Machine image DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE

BHC/R is a fully CNC controlled grinding machine with control axes X (infeed of wheel head) and Z (longitudinal feed of table), program-controlled of work head spindle revolution C.

The grinder has been designed primarily for numerically controlled grinding of a number of external cylindrical surfaces of different diameters and their contiguous front surfaces and radii, including automatic wheel dressing and wear compensation by means of the CNC system. However it can be used with special accessory for internal grinding.

On the machine can be effected longitudinal traverse grinding with a moving table, plunge-cut grinding with a stationary or oscillating table, grinding in the cycle consisting of sequence of plunge-cut grinding followed by longitudinal regrinding. In centers are possible grind cylindrical surfaces or slim taper surfaces within the range of tab le swivel. Sharper tapers can be ground by held in chuck. Shaped work piece can be ground with linear and circular interpolation.

Wheel head infeed and table travel are provided by means of servomotors and ball screws. Thanks to the special design of bed and table, BHC/R is the most stable (heavy) grinding machine, can find its application primarily in the piece or the small-scale production for grinding the workpieces of weight up to 4.000 kg | 8.800 lb. (optionally 5.000 kg | 11.000 lb. - heavy duty machine).

There are two versions of this grinder type:

  • BHC grinding machine with simple grinding wheel head equipped with the grinding wheel for external grinding, optionally manually folding internal grinding attachment. This grinding wheel head can be manually swiveling in range +/-30°.
  • BHCR grinder with rotary grinding wheel head – B axis. Automatically turning of grinding wheel head, on the vertical axis B can be equipped with up to 3 tools in combination grinding wheel / internal grinding attachment / superfinishing attachment. Therewith are more technological possibilities on the grinding machine. Primarily is here higher possibility to grind one workpiece by more tools on one clamping. This equipment save time changing of grinding wheel.


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