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Fermat is a producer of high-precision, fully CNC controlled cylindrical grinders that have been designed primarily for numerically controlled grinding on a number of external, cylindrical surfaces of different diameters. Features include automatic wheel dressing and wear compensation by means of the CNC system. Grinding machines can also be equipped with an internal grinding attachment for the grinding of cylindrical and conical internal surfaces. We produce cylindrical grinders with high accuracy in the tolerance of IT4 and higher.

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BUB E 32/40/50 CNC

Grinding Machines

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BUB E CNC is fully CNC controlled grinding machine designed for traverse and plunge-cut grinding of cylindrical and conical external surfaces, or with internal grinding attachment for grinding of cylindrical and conical internal surfaces. Grinding of surfaces can be performed by the side of grinding wheel or its circumferential surface with using work head swivel.

Wheel head infeed and table travel are provided by means of servomotors and ball screws. Grinding machine series BUB E can be used particularly in large series production for grinding of workpieces up to 1 102 lbs / 500 kg.

BUB E is made in the high accuracy and enable grinding of single diameters in the tolerance of IT 4 and higher. Standard version of the machine is equipped with control system Siemens 828D sl, alternatively Siemens 840D sl or B&R.


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