Table-Type HBMs

Table-Type HBMs - Image

Horizontal table-type boring machines with cross table movement are designed for machining of small and medium-size workpieces of up to 50 tons / 110231 lbs.

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WFC 10 CNC is a model specifically designed for the manufacturers that do not require machining of large work pieces. The spindle diameter of this mill is 100 mm l 3.94″. It is also possible to order the machine whith 110 mml 4.33″ spindle diameter.This model is the smallest horizontal boring machine from Fermat‘s product line. Despite this machine’s small configuration, the WFC 10 CNC is suitable for machining of work pieces up to 3000 kg l 6614 lb. The machine design differs from other Fermat products as there is a fixed column and perpendicularly moveable rotary table base rather than the standard modular design offered by Fermat. The combination of an operator friendly system and high cutting performance in addition to its low cost makes the WFC 10 CNC a very popular model with prospective customers. However, just like the larger machine models, there is a large variety of machining accessories that can be utilized on the WFC 10 mode

Machine configuration
WFC 10 CNC - Spindle Diameter 100 mm | 3.94''
WFC 11 CNC - Spindle Diameter 110 mm | 4.33''


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