Table-Type HBMs

Table-Type HBMs - Image

Horizontal table-type boring machines with cross table movement are designed for machining of small and medium-size workpieces of up to 50 tons / 110231 lbs.

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WFT 11 CNC model is a smaller version of the most popular Fermat machine, the WFT 13 CNC.  With it‘s 110 mm l 4.33″ spindle diameter the machine is able to cut deeply into workpieces, when the 130 mm l 5.12″ spindle is too wide.  In many respects, the WFT 11 is the little brother of the WFT 13 with its T-shaped axis structure and outstanding precision positioning rotary table. All major machine components are made of grey cast iron and stabilized through annealing. The difference shows in the dimensions of machined work pieces, and the price. The rotary table is able to withstand loads up to 8 000 kg l 176 36 lb. With the use of a two pinions operating in a master-slave function, the table design has proven to be one of the most accurate tables in its class. Use of special accessories such as the automatic tool changer, milling and facing heads fulfils the potential of this machine design

Machine configuration
WFT 11 CNC - Spindle Diameter 110 mm | 3.94''
WFT 10 CNC - Spindle Diameter 100 mm | 4.33''


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