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Circular Boring & Facing Head (CBFH) Design Sizes


Collet Type Spindle Binder Design Sizes


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Heavy Duty Non-Swiveling RAMA


Old-Style 23 CBFH Front View


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Rotary Table Tips for Customers

Lucas Rotary Tables have been manufactured for many years and the designs of the earlier tables is quite different from the design of the newer tables. The newest design of standard rotary table used a pair of Timken bearings mounted on a central stud (or post), a ring-shaped circular way and uses the Lucas-proprietary 'air lift' system to reduce friction. The tips in this document are known to apply only to this design of rotary table; however, the tips may be useful on earlier designs as well. You will need to make the final determination.


Standard Duty RAMA mounted to a Machine


Star Feed Facing Head 1


Star Feed Facing Head 2


Typical CBFH


Typical Collet Type Spindle Binder


Typical Contour Boring Head


Typical Medium Duty RAMA Showing Driver


Typical Plain Swiveling Rotary Table