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Gib Ordering Instructions


Saddle Main Gib Installation


Special Oversize Gib Worms

Custom Gib Adjusting and Locking Worms
Part Numbers 145423 & 145424

Part numbers 145423 (Adjusting) and 145424 (Locking) are alterable oversize Gib Worms with a unique thread design.

They are specifically designed to replace the standard 1.240 Gib Adjusting and Locking Worms Part numbers 107425 (Locking) and 107426 (Adjusting) in situations that require oversize worms.

These special worms may be used to replace the standard oversize worms up to a maximum of 0.160 'oversize' (1.400 O.D. Maximum).

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Unseating a Jammed Gib

When a Lucas boring mill 'Jams' or 'Sucks' a tapered gib, it is not obvious how to free the gib and the slide so that repairs can proceed.

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