Clutch Data

905856 (SC650) & 905857 (SC775) Disk Spring Placement

905857 (SC775) Hi Speed Clutch


Bendix Clutch Cross-Section

Clutch Brush Chart

Clutch Brush Chart PDF


Electric Clutch Power Supply Conversions

Electromagnetic Feed and Rapid Traverse 'Slip-Ring' Type Clutch Adjustment Instructions

For Models 41B and 42B machines

Lucas used several types and brands of electromagnetic clutches during the production run of these machines. Some clutches were non-adjustable (they were actually self-adjusting). These instructions ONLY apply to adjustable type clutches that are supplied DC electrical power by a 'slip-ring'.

Clutch Adjustment Instructions:

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Fawick Electric Clutch Settings

The Fawick type of clutch was the most common electric clutch used for High Speed in the headstock of Model 41B and 42B machines.  Lucas altered the operating air gaps of the clutch after receipt from the clutch manufacturer. Here are the pertinent specifications.

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Mechanical Feed & Rapid Clutches

There are 3 distinct types and 3 different sizes of mechanical clutches used for Feed and Rapid Traverse clutches on machine models 41B and 42B. The same clutch arrangement is used on certain other models as well and the same operational explanations apply to them.

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Oils used with Magnetic Clutches

Rewrite of Customer Service Bulletin No 568, originally dated 1-13-1966

Applies to:          41B2910 thru 41B3009

                             42B3606 thru 42B3708

                             and others with Magnetic Feed & Rapid Traverse Clutches                     

Lubrication Revision:

The subject machines have Mobil DTE-24 oil or its equivalent in the Speed Gearbox and Feed Distributing Bracket.

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Rockford Pull-Mor Clutch Parts Identification

SC650 & SC775 High-Speed Clutch Cross-Section

Size 22 - 23 - 24 Single-Sided Clutch

Twin Disc 4030SC Clutch

Twin-Disk 4030SC Clutch Repair Parts

The following Twin Disk Clutch Replacement parts are available for Lucas Model 41 and Model 42 Feed Clutches.They are stocked as a complete 'kit' under Lucas Part Number 905811 and contain the following Twin Disk Parts:

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