143643 Machine Anchor X-Section Color


Laser Leveling

I do not expect everyone to agree with me on this subject, however, I felt that it was worthwhile to set my thoughts regarding leveling of Lucas boring mills with Laser equipment to paper to provide a 'counterpoint' to the general rush of the industry towards 'high tech' leveling.

I do not feel that a Laser should be used ALONE to level a Lucas boring mill. Using a Laser cannot only be misleading - it can also result in an improper machine installation.

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Leveling Equipment List

The Lucas Horizontal Boring, Drilling and Milling Machine Tool was manufactured to an extremely high level of precision with close fits and tolerances.

These tolerances were verified with the latest in inspection devices to insure the optimum in machine quality.

To achieve the ultimate from this highly accurate machine tool system, the following factors must be recognized as affecting overall accuracy:

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