Valve & Cylinder Help

41B & 42B Speed Gear & Back Gear Cylinder Cross-Section


41B & 42B Speed Gear & Back Gear Cylinder Disassembly Cyl


41B 42B Head Solenoid Valves Newer Numatics



41B 42B Head Solenoid Valves OLD NUMATICS


41B 5-Position Back Gear Cylinders


41B Range Shift Cylinder Rebuild Parts

The following parts are all of the repair parts usually necessary to rebuild the Back Gear (Range) shifting cylinder on model 41B machine that are equipped with the 3-position type of sliding Back Gear.

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42B Back Gear Shift Cylinders


42B Head Back Gear Shift Cylinders - A1377


42B Lot 20 thru 22 Back Gear Shifter Valves & Cylinders


42B Lot 20 thru 22 Replacement Solenoid Valves


Part number 905766 (Parker Valve)

Lucas part number 905766 will require two minor modifications to serve in replacement duty on machine serial numbers 42B2001 thru 42B2224 due to an internal design change by Parker Hannifin.

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Air Valve Modification for 42B Lot 20 thru 42B Lot 22 Heads


Manatrol Valve Replacements

Manatrol Valve Replacements

Lucas owners with model 41B and 42B machines need to take several additional steps to replace obsolete Manatrol-brand, electrical solenoid-operated hydraulic valves when valve replacement is required.

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Obsolete Numatics Valve Conversions