Way & Gib Lubrication

41B & 42B Saddle Lube Pump Replacement

When a customer needs to replace an INTERNAL saddle way lubrication pump (Original Bijur P/N D2436) (or the electrical solenoid) (Original Namco P/N 16KK100B17) of the type that is located inside the gearing cavity at the 'front' or 'left' of the saddle, a conversion needs to be applied.

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41B or 42B Saddle Lube Tank with Obsolete Trabon Pump


Cleaning Lubrication Lines Internal to the Machine

Many times it is necessary to clean lubrication lines internal to the machine tool. Over a period of time, the lubrication lines on a machine tool become internally 'gummed up' with oil solids and dirt. Exterior lines may be simply replaced, however, some lines are 'buried' so deeply inside the machine that it is impractical to attempt replacement. By using a standard grease gun and a few special adapter fittings, it is possible to use relatively high pressures to clean the lines. The adapter part numbers for cleaning Bijur systems are:

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General Saddle-Table Bijur Meter Assignments

I cringe when someone tells me that they have already removed all of the meters from a Saddle-Table assembly and they would now like to order new meters! Original documentation on what size meter is used for each lubrication point is largely un-trustworthy. The best plan is to inventory the meters while they are still installed in the machine: order new meters and then replace them one-at-a-time. If it's already 'too late' for that, the following may be helpful. Please note that we cannot be responsible for the accuracy of this list!

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