Lucas Precision Technical Assistance Introduction

The photographs in this area of the web site are divided into broad areas of interest to allow us to help you determine what parts you need to keep your Lucas running and to provide a certain level of technical help.

It is essential that you have the correct Serial Number for your machine to assure that you will receive the correct repair parts and correct technical assistance. Accordingly, the first items you need to look at in this area of our Web site are the Serial Number Locator charts.

Lucas machines were made in many sizes and model numbers. They were built in groups referred to as 'Lots'. Each new 'Lot' of machines contained whatever design improvements had been developed from the experiences gained from the previous Lot of the same Model and also whatever general improvements may have been developed from other Models.

While there are certainly repair parts that can be correctly specified without knowing the Serial Number, it is useful to use the Serial Number each time you order - even if it is a repeat of a part that was previously ordered.

We maintain specific sales records for EACH Serial Number separately for most of the several machine models. These are frequently useful in allowing our technical staff to spot developing problems that might result in unexpected downtime (i.e.: too long since the replacement of a part subject to normal wear) as well as spotting mis-diagnosed problems resulting in un-necessary parts replacement (i.e.: too frequent a replacement of a part that is being damaged by a different part). This analysis is impossible unless we know what Serial Number the repair part is being applied to and keep the appropriate records.

Please be aware that Lucas Precision is under no obligation to provide no-charge technical assistance to either owner's of Lucas machines or to 'third-party' rebuilders. Our business is the sale of repair parts and services in support of the approximately 6000 Lucas horizontal boring mills that were manufactured by our predecessor as well as rebuilding services for several other brands. We have, however, been in the practice of supplying no-charge telephone assistance to aid our customers in the resolution of minor problems and intend to continue the practice. We view this primarily as a 'sales tool' to keep us in contact with our many customers and to help drive our sales of parts and services.

In pursuit of that sales mission, we are constantly 'walking the line' between providing too much detail as a part of no-charge telephone assistance (thus cutting our sales of billable services and repair parts), and 'telling too little' and losing the effectiveness of the sales contact.

Inasmuch as a part of our business is supplying field service technicians to perform on-site repairs of Lucas machines, it is extremely counter-productive for us to provide detailed telephone assistance to third-party service technicians. If they are truly qualified to service your machine, they should not require detailed instructions anyway.

The quantity and detail of what 'needs to be known' to successfully work on certain areas of Lucas machines is occasionally much too extensive to even consider attempting to 'teach it' over the telephone. In addition, if the memory of our tech support personnel is not 'up to par' on a given day, or if your personnel 'miss' the importance of some detail we mention (or 'forget' it); repairs or adjustments may be performed INCORRECTLY. Please be aware that Lucas Precision accepts NO responsibility for any injuries or damages that may occur as a result of supplying technical documentation or technical assistance under any circumstances.

Requests for written technical assistance also pose an unusual situation for us. Normally, written technical documentation is supplied (for a charge) through our parts department. As a supplier of parts and services for Lucas machines (as opposed to actually being a Machine Tool Builder), we are generally somewhat limited to supplying what was written by our MTB predecessor for each of the several machine models. We do not have technical writers on staff to 're-do' the documentation of yesteryear nor to create new, previously unwritten, documentation. While we are generally pleased to help your personnel, the conversion of verbal telephone assistance to written instructions is generally not possible due to the time constraints imposed by our primary mission.

Should you have any questions, or require further information, please feel free to contact me.

Brian Soldat
Manager Customer Service
TEL: (216) 451-5588 Ext. 105
FAX: (216) 451-5174

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