Machine Documentation Available

The following documentation is generally available for Lucas Boring Mills in the following categories. Contact the Repair Parts Department with your machine Serial Number for a quotation.

Instruction Manuals for Machine models 41, 42, 43, 43B and 53 (Machines prior to the "B" series) are available. These are approximately 25-page booklets that describe how certain sections of the machine function, how to take them apart, how to adjust them and other miscellaneous information.

Parts Identification Manuals for machine models 41, 42, 43, 43B and 53 (Machines prior to the "B" series) and Parts Identification Manuals for 41B lot 31 and prior or 42B lot 38 and prior are available. These manuals consist of 8-1/2 x 11 inch pages that are somewhat like assembly drawings with 'Code Numbers' to describe the parts within each assembly. They do not show any of the smaller parts such as hardware. The 'Code Numbers' must be converted to real Part Numbers by cross referencing against your Serial Number before we can quote repair parts pricing and availability. Unfortunately, they are all that is readily available without extensive searching of the drawings in our vault to determine the actual assembly drawings for older equipment. If your Serial Number is between 42B2001 through 42B2224 you will need eight separate construction (assembly) drawings in addition to the Parts Identification Manual. The drawings in the Manual related to the headstock final drive gear train are incorrect and no more suitable 'Code Drawing' is available.

Parts Manuals for 41B lot 32 and following or 42B lot 39 and following are available as are Parts Manuals for machine models C, CP, DC, DCP, DCS, T, & F series. These manuals generally consist of the actual assembly drawings used to build the machine and show all of the small parts and hardware.

Some Operator Manuals for 41B lot 31 and previous or 42B lot 38 and previous for Manual and/or Full Pendant Machines are available as are some Operator Manuals for 41B lot 32 and following or 42B lot 39 and following machines.

Some Control Manuals are available for NC and CNC machine controls.

Some Lucas 'Manual Controller' Instruction Manuals for control types LM3, LM4, LM4/M, LM5 & LM7 are available.

Lucas Maintenance Manuals are primarily descriptive text of how things work, how to adjust them, etc. We are limited to providing you with what our predecessor wrote at the time of original machine manufacturing. Certain manuals contain multiple sets of instructions describing several generations of machines. You must decide which section applies to your machine. Certain manuals may be missing instructions for portions of the machine. We cannot supply any missing portions - the text was never written.

Machine Construction (Assembly) Drawings are generally available. They may be 'full size' or photographically reduced. While we will make every effort to provide quality documentation, the documentation we supply is manufactured by producing copies from the original 'master drawings' that were used at the time of machine manufacturing. In some cases, the 'masters' themselves are in extremely poor condition and no better copy may be made.

Foundation and Erection Diagrams are available for most machine models and Serial Numbers manufactured after 1950. Generally, these drawings consist of Top, Front and Side elevation drawings of the complete machine; the 'slot' layout on the tabletop; the details of the Spindle Taper and Tooling Drive Key arrangement; and foundation fabrication drawings.

Electrical Diagrams for 'manual' machines, models 41, 42, 41B, 42B, 548 NOT equipped with electronic control systems are generally available.

Some Numerical Control Builder's Wiring Diagrams are available and Lucas Wiring Diagram 'Adder Sheets' and Modification Sheets are generally available for machines equipped with the following control brands:

  • General Electric Model 103P
  • General Electric Model 7500
  • General Electric Model 550MC
  • General Electric Model 1050MC
  • General Electric Model 2000MC
  • Allen Bradley Model 7320B
  • Allen Bradley Model 8200
  • Autocon Delta 20M
  • Autocon Delta 30M
  • Autocon Delta 50M
  • Autocon Delta 2000M
  • DynaPath Delta 2000M

Lucas Wiring Diagrams are generally available for machines equipped with the following models of Lucas controllers; LM3, LM4, LM4/M, LM5, LM6, LM7, LM8

Standard Attachment Manuals are available for most Rotary Tables, Right-Angle Milling Heads, Combination Boring and Facing Heads and for certain 'special' attachments that have been manufactured through the years.

Special Attachment Manuals may be available fabricated from the original assembly drawings and such existed text documents as may be available.

The availability of Documentation for Machine Models not listed here must be researched prior to quoting.

We do NOT make available Repair Parts Drawings suitable for the manufacturing of repair parts.