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30T Spindle Seal Parts Identification



40T Spindle Seal Parts Identification


41B or 42B 'Shifted' Head Front Cover Correction

On later production model 41B and 42B machines of 3-bearing construction, the Front Main Spindle Bearing is mounted in a removable casting wall called the Head Front Cover. Sometimes, this wall gets 'shifted' out of proper location, resulting in Spindle Runout or machining problems.

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Model 41 or 42 Two-Bearing Spindle & Sleeve


Model 42 Spindle Driving Mechanism with Double-Set Spindle Feed


Segmented Spindle Clamps


Spindle Fretting Explained

Fretting of Lucas HBM Spindles


What is this document?

The problem of 'Fretting' or 'Fretting Corrosion' on the Spindles of Lucas HBM's is a question that is frequently asked in telephone service calls to Lucas.  This document will attempt to describe what the author knows of the phenomena from many years of conversations with Lucas engineering and service personnel.

What is 'fretting' and what does it look like?

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