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Thanks to the combination of the newest European technology as well as well-proven American production tradition and craftsmanship, our machines drastically differ from the competitors. High machining accuracy, exceptional durability, ergonomic design and high quality components are only the beginning of a long list of advantages. All mechanical parts of the machines are produced here at Lucas. We exclusively produce our own headstocks, the heart of any machine. We take pride in the solutions and services we provide.

If you wish to invest in new machines, Lucas, a Fermat Group company, is your best choice for rigid and precise machining capabilities. You may choose any machine from our catalog for a short delivery time or contact our sales managers to order a special machine.  Please contact the sales manager in your area for information on pricing and delivery. Every day the Fermat brand is gaining popularity amongst manufacturers. We enjoy solving complex engineering tasks, and look forward to finding a great solution for your machining operations!

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