WFT 15 CNC - Table Type Horizontal Boring Machine

WFT 15 CNC is a modification of the WFT 13 CNC model, the best-selling Fermat machine. The only difference is this model has a 20 mm l 0.78″ wider diameter spindle. If you need to process a work piece weighing less than 20 000 kg l 44 092 lb with high precision and quality, but a 130 mm l 5.12″ spindle diameter is not enough, the model WFT 15 CNC is what you are looking for. We also have availible a modification to the WFT 15 CNC. This machine has a larger  headstock with a spindle stroke of 1 000 mm l 39.37″. The bigger main 51 kW motor enables the machine to reach higher turning torque compared to the WFT 13 CNC.  The Z-Axis is provided with a linear guide way.


Machine Configuration
WFT 15 CNC Extension Spindle Travel W = 730 mm     |28.74", Longitual Headstock travel V=0 mm
WFT 15R CNC  Extension Spindle Travel W = 730 mm | 28.74",   Longitual Headstock travel V=700 mm | 27.60"
WFT 15 CNC / w 1000 Extension Spindle Travel W = 1 000 mm | 39.37", Longitual Headstock travel V=0 mm



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