LUCAS 5 - Table Type Horizontal Boring Machine

Horizontal boring and milling machine Lucas 5 is a brand-new product for the Fermat line. It is a standardized type of horizontal boring mill designed especially for the US market.  The Lucas 5 features the newest technology working in unison with time-proven design and high quality components. The machine is designed for machining work pieces up to 15 tons. Rigid construction and machining possibilities makes it an ideal machine for machining shops as well as for standardized production.

The Lucas 5 is offered with hardened box slideways on the beds and column. Compared with competitors, the Lucas 5 offers exceptional width of the ways to assure long-term accuracy and rigidity of the machine.
All functional surfaces are hardened up to 56 Rc and ground to a perfect surface finish.
Fermat’s sliding material offers better sliding characteristics, lower oil consumption, and more precise positioning than any other available on the market.

The standardized design of the Lucas 5 means shorter manufacturing and delivery times which limits costs and adds value for the end user.


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